On being a selectman

I met this morning with four people from the state’s Cultural District group, who came to do a site visit, and perhaps six Medfield residents who have been pushing to create the Medfield Cultural District.  Library Director Deborah Kelsey has been the prime over.

The Board of Selectmen have not been involved at all, except to approve it moving forward, so I mainly sat and listened.  I did share that I knew it was a good idea, especially as I listened to the ideas that were discussed, but that I cannot to date see the practical benefits.  Joint marketing was named as one benefit.

I had to go to work after our meeting at the TownHouse, so I missed the tour, and the group discussion at the Library with about eighteen listed attendees, with a lunch.

I can see the Cultural District as becoming a destination for visitors, if we can parlay the critical mass of really old colonial era structures that we have in town.  I sure hope that the Clark Tavern gets reused for some commercial enterprise like a restaurant or a B&B that allows it to be open to the public.

I met the new planning director on Monday evening, and I was wishing that she had been able to attend.  She does not start work until 12/19.



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