Medfield Foundation elects new president

Evan Weisenfeld succeeded Stephen Phillips to become the third president of the Medfield Foundation at a meeting at the Town House last night.  Stephen Phillips has been the president since September 9, 2010, following Kevin Hern, the MFi’s first president.

Stephen Phillips oversaw the MFi’s

  • building of the successful Natashia Domeschek’s Angel Run and its two $20,000 Kindness Scholarships that were awarded this past June,
  • the expansion of the Medfield Foundation volunteer of the year program, and
  • the MFi reaching $1.4 m. of private monies raised for public purposes in Medfield, entirely by volunteer efforts.

Evan Weisenfeld has been active in town, lending his technological expertise and his efforts to New ‘N Towne, the Angel Run, the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, and many other town projects.  He said, “I am looking forward to leading the Medfield Foundation, and I hope that we can use this time of transition to examine what we are doing well and what we can perhaps do even better.”


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