Starbucks still a go

I had noticed as I jogged that the Mobil station pumps have had their hoses removed and the station looks closed (and ratty), so I asked at our meeting of the Board of Selectmen last Tuesday whether the town should be looking whether to take some action.  Kristine Trierweiler responded that the developer who has been pursuing the Starbucks at that location had in fact recently been in contact with her, that he is still going forward with ht Starbucks, that he is making progress, and that he is planning on an opening next fall.  Kristine Trierweiler indicated that she is looking to get the town’s pocket park built on the town owned land between the Mobil station and Zebra’s as part of the development of the Starbucks.

Nice to know that prominent downtown site will get back into productive use – I just wish it would happen sooner.


4 responses to “Starbucks still a go

  1. Agree Starbucks is a great solution for downtown Medfield. Please continue to support it and encourage the current owner to keep up the property while we wait.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Unfortunately, when premises get shabby, the Town of Medfield has little actual power to control how a property owner maintains their property, or fails to keep it up. I have also noticed several houses around town that are empty and that are gradually degrading and disintegrating – which must be hard for their neighbors.


  2. Why don’t you do something about the speeders racing up our street during the morning and evening rush hour on dale and bridge street. We, and our neighbors have complained but don’t see anything done by the police to stop it! This is more important than some coffee shop and you guys always looking to get more taxes instead of preventing reckless and dangerous drivers causing problems.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Paul, This is the first I have heard of speeding happening on Dale and Bridge Streets. However, speeding seems to be endemic. When it was studied in greater depth on Indian Hill Road it turned out be be our own fellow town residents. On Bridge and Dale it may well be out of town commuters. Regardless, we as a society need to slow down in our driving to make the neighborhoods safe, and perhaps fear of tickets is the only way to make that happen – so greater police enforcement. I will forward your comments along to the Chief. Can you give me contact information so that the Chief can get back to you directly. Thanks. Pete


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