Medfield State Hospital mediation report

The report on the MSH environmental  clean up of the hazardous materials was presented by John Thompson, chair of the town's SHERC, and Commissioner Cornelison.

Seven sessions of mediation have been held and more are still needed.  The goal to date has been to better define the facts.

To that end, new testing has been jointly determined as being needed, and was recently conducted.  The new testing included:!
1 – test pits checking for asbestos in the C&D area
2 – tests for other hazards in the C&D area
3 – testing in the river to determine the best way to remove the oil that is there.

Those test results are not back as yet.

John Thompson opined that the process of dealing with the MSH clean up is at a point equivalent to being in the fourth quarter of the game.  John says that they have moved beyond the disputes, to the area of solutions.


2 responses to “Medfield State Hospital mediation report

  1. Pete, I have a group that is interested in potentially doing a “solar farm” on a portion of the site. What are your thoughts as to the Town’s appetite (long term, post transfer from the State) for going-green on a portion of the site? – Chris, Medfield resident


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson


      I am not sure how the town would react to a solar farm at the Medfield State Hospital site. I think people certainly like the idea of green energy, but solar farms seem to have a reputation for not being too pretty. The Energy Committee just met with the Town of Dartmouth’s town administrator who has five solar PV sites in town, and their zoning required large buffer zones to hide the solar PV sites. Their model had the town reaping benefits by the town being the energy purchaser, and getting the $ from reselling the power to the utility at the higher mandated rate, to the tune of $700,000 a year for the town.

      I think it is worth asking the town if they are interested.


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