MSH site reopens 9/15

Photo by Victor Cevoli

It was reported last night at the Board of Selectmen meeting by Assistant Town Administrator, Kristine Trierweiler, that the Medfield State Hospital site should reopen to residents on or about 9/15, after filming by 20th Century Fox winds down and concludes.

At Kris’ suggestion, the town also opted to accept the return of the site in its improved condition, rather than requiring the lessee to return the site to its prior condition.

Rte. 109 repaving starts tonight

Repaving Starts Tonight

Per Mike Sullivan at the Board of Selectmen meeting last night, the repaving of Rte. 109 starts this evening, with all work running from 7PM to 6AM:

  • Wednesday – grinding from RR tracks to Brook Street
  • Thursday – grinding from RR tracks to Causeway Street
  • Sunday and Monday – paving

BoS minutes for 4/4, 5/4, and 5/23/17

Evelyn just got us the minutes for selectmen meetings on April 4, May 4, and May 23, which appear below.

My one notation is that Dr. Ruth Potee was made know to the Superintendent by Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP), and she was so well received that Jeff arranged for her to come back to spend the day with the kids, I believe this fall.  She talked to the kids directly and connects with them well.

BoS on 8/15/17

The agenda for the Board of Selectmen meeting on August 15, 2017 appears below, and the 113 pages of back up materials can be accessed via the PDF file linked here 20170815-agenda TOWN OF MEDFIELD POSTED: K MEETING NOTICE (.U VH~ Of ' p \2~• Q\.\ t''"'' ~UG \ \ POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER 39 ff~1e~2J~\cA S AMENDED. 0 \OW~ Ctf\'\ Board of Selectmen Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, ANDTIME Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room 2nd floor Tuesday August 15, 2017@ 7:00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) 7:00 PM Call to order Disclosure of video recording Announcement: We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world CITIZEN COMMENT ACTION ITEMS Vote to sign September 19, 2017 Special State Primary warrant PENDING Memos from Selectman Murby I MSHMPC guidance and overall goals; Veterans Service Officer; Draft copy I Selectmen annual calendar; discuss request for a meeting with developers of Dale Street proposed project LICENSES AND PERMITS Medfield Youth Lacrosse request permission to post signs for Spring 2018 registration; signs in place October 1 to October 16 Norfolk Hunt Club requests a one-day liquor permit for annual event Polo in the Country on September 10; Rain date September 17 INFORMATIONAL Letter from Dept of Housing & Community Development regarding N orth Street project ZBA Decision no 1307 Notice I Annual Legislative Reception to take place September 28 Information packets from Medfield Conservation Commission From Sovereign Consulting, Inc. regarding 26 Spring St. groundwater sample report

Proposed Child Care Center

Proposed Child Care Center

A child care facility has been proposed for 75 High Street, a fairly narrow lot on which the land slopes up steeply from Rte. 27.  The area is zoned residential, but under the state statute, child care facilities are exempt from local zoning, just as are religious and educational uses, so the facility can locate there subject to reasonable health and safety strictures imposed by the Planning Board on site plan review petition.

Today I was provided a copy of the plans, and I thought that there will be many who will want to see those plans, so I uploaded them here.


Route 109 repaving

Route 109 Repaving

Chief Meaney provided the explanation below to Colleen Sullivan in response to her query today about the details of the Rte. 109 road work that starts next week.  Look for Colleen’s more complete story on Patch.




Maurice Goulet of the DPW is away this week but I will give you my understanding of the project. I attended a pre construction meeting on July 24 and these are the highlights:


The work is currently scheduled to begin next week as the signs indicate.


The area of Route 109 affected will be the center of Medfield as well as a short distance east of the intersection with South Street and west of the intersection with Route 27.


The work will involve grinding the surface of Route 109 down two inches. There may be some leveling of the roadway done at this point.


Any structures in the roadway that need to be leveled or repaired will also be done at this point.


The roadway will then be repaved to the same level.


The part of the project most disruptive to traffic (grinding and paving) will be done at night.


As part of the grinding process, the loop detectors, which assist in controlling the traffic lights during non-peak traffic times, will be replaced. This will mean that for a few days the traffic lights will be on an automatic cycle. You will likely only notice this late at night. Normally, when you approach the lights at night or during light traffic periods, the loop detector would realize there is a vehicle there and the lights will change to provide a green light to the motorist. While the lights are on the automatic cycle, this does not happen, so people will wait a short time longer during the overnights.


There will be some work done during the day but this will be less of a disruption to traffic.


Once started, the project should be done in a couple of weeks.


Mike Sullivan is also willing to discuss the project with you and Maurice Goulet will be back on Monday.


Hope this helps…..Bob

Walpole MBTA parking gone

I was contacted today about why the parking lot at the Walpole train station closed.  While I knew nothing about the situation, I was willing to reach out to the Walpole Town Administrator’s office.

I was told by the Walpole Town Administrator’s office that:

  1. the parking lot had never been properly permitted;
  2. it was shut down by the owner to be paved; and
  3. Walpole is not expecting that it will re-open as public parking, as going forward they are told that the owner will apparently be using it for parking commercial vehicles and for work to be done on his nearby building.