Calendar update

I never enter selectmen meeting dates in my calendars beyond my election, so today I updated my calendar with three years worth of selectmen meetings.  The alert told me one was going to be on Boxing Day – I bet we do not meet that night.

Waste Day

This from the Chair of the Solid Waste Committee –




APRIL 11, 2015

 9AM – 1PM





MTS Sticker Required


If you need additional information, please contact the Public Works Department, 508-906-3003


Please note that LATEX PAINT is NOT hazardous waste.  Dried up cans can be given to the operators at the Transfer Station


Did you know that if you cannot make this date, the Public Works Department can help you dispose of your Household Hazardous Waste at other times?  We are part of a 6 town consortium and have access to other collections.  You need to contact the DPW for this information.


Megan B. Sullivan

Lyme disease

Chris Cole Kaldy posted in Medfield Lyme Disease Study Committee Information site

Chris Cole Kaldy 3:02pm Mar 31

Time to start Tick Control on your pets!

If you stopped your pet’s tick preventive over the winter, get it started again NOW. Outdoor dogs and cats will likely be the first family members to find a tick. There are three basic types of products; be sure to use the product that best matches your goals. Ask your vet which suits your pet best.

1 Products that kill ticks pretty much on contact before they attach and start feeding (quick tick knockdown).
2 Products that kill after ticks have attached and started to feed (ticks bite to die).
3 Products that may kill fleas and other parasites but don’t really kill ticks effectively (read the label).

Election results

  • A total of 1,808 residents voted.
  • Thank you to all who took the time to vote, and to all 1,467 who expressed enough confidence in what I have done in the past to give me your vote!
  • Congratulations to both Marianne Sullivan and Jerry Potts for excellent, spirited campaigns.


School Committee

905 Marianne Sullivan

871 Jerry Potts

31 blanks and 1 write in


Public safety Building

1,063 yes

650 no



1531 Scott McDermott


Town Clerk

1,507 Carol Mayer



1,467 Osler Peterson



1,467 Tom Sweeney


Library Trustee (2 elected)

1,404 Maura McNicholas

1,324 Steve Pelosi


Planning Board

1,451 George Lester


Park Commissioner

1,432 Robert Tatro


Trust Fund

17 Georgia Colivas

Meals tax $ comes in

The town just got meals tax monies from the state.  Mike shared this email from earlier today from Georgia.  At this rate town will get about $120,000 a year. –

just got a wire in for $30,672.49 for local meals tax revenue for Dec 2014-Feb 2015


Georgia K. Colivas, CMMT


Town of Medfield

Election day!

Medfield town election today – poles open until 8PM.

When I voted before 9 AM I was number 50 to vote in precinct 1, so with four precincts, that means about 200 votes out of about 8,000 voters.


I ask for your vote!

Re-Pete card