BoS on 2/16


OK, I finally figured out how to insert the actual agenda sheets that I get before meetings (the secret was to using jpg’s, instead of ORC’ing pdf’s and editing the results), so now you can see exactly what I see – plus it should be faster for me.




LED streetlights are even better

LED streetlights

The Energy Committee met last night, and Fred Davis circulated an updated analysis of the savings from buying our streetlights from Eversource and installing LED streetlights.  Eversource has now set the price for the town to buy the streetlights at $1.00, due to the streetlights having been depreciated over time – we have probably paid a good price for them already in the annual $41K/year current cost.

The new analysis included

  1. that buy out price,
  2. a calculation correction, and
  3. the now known annual maintenance cost.

Yearly savings with the LED streetlights are $34,740 and the pay back period is 2.6 years for the $104K cost – plus we get better lighting.  I am hoping that Mike can get this done ASAP.

LED streetlight analysis-20160211

BoS schedule for 2016

2016-BoS calendar with meeting dates

LED streetlights

LED streetlights

Fred Davis runs a company in town that specializes in supplying lighting products.  Fred is both extremely knowledgeable about how to save energy and about lighting products.  Fred presented to the Energy Committee at a recent meeting on the savings the town could affect by buying our streetlights and installing LED fixtures.

The town can get a 3.6 year payback on the cost to buy and refit, then we save almost $20K/year going forward.  The maintenance contract cost was not known, but is guessed to be about $5K/year.

Additionally, one gets a better and therefore safer illumination for all residents.

This was Fred’s analysis –

LED Streetlight Replacement - Medfield - Fred Davis - 2016

The Robert C. Maguire Global Perspectives in Education Award

From Susan Maritan, Publicist MCPE –


Nominations Wanted: The Robert C. Maguire Global Perspectives in Education Award
Bob Maguire dedicated 22 years of his educational career to the Medfield Public Schools. He served as principal of Medfield High School for eight years and then as Superintendent for fourteen years. In recognition of Bob’s commitment to our students, MCPE has created this award to honor an educator in the Medfield school community who embodies Bob’s legacy of exposing our students to the world beyond Medfield.
Click here for award application, award criteria and deadline information:
The application deadline is: Friday, April 1, 2016.

Downtown Summit

The Downtown Summit yesterday got input from about 75 residents at the Library.  We were asked to share our ideas about what we saw as the strengths, the weaknesses, and our priorities for the downtown, as well as our visual preferences.

These were the instructions.

20160209-Downtown Summit


Cinderella at MHS 3/11 & 12


From Renee Clark –

Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is coming to Medfield High School! Come see this enchanted version of a classic love story complete with singing animals and magic carriages. The Medfield High School Theatre Society Spring Musical takes place March 11 and 12 at 7 p.m. and March 13 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased online at