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Lee & Snyder Roads dedication Sat. at 10 AM

From the committee to Study Memorials -

The Medfield Committee to Study Memorials is dedicating two Medfield Streets this Saturday, May 24th at 10:00 AM.  Your attendance would be greatly appreciated.  The ceremony will be held at the intersection of Lee and Snyder Roads near Stagecoach.  While these roads are not new, they were never dedicated after the heroes they are named after.

Lee Road is named after Earl Winfred Lee who was killed in action when his B-24 Liberator was shot down over France during World War II.

Snyder Road is named after George Thomas Snyder who was killed in action in Chorwon, North Korea during the Korean War.

The Medfield Committee to Study Memorials is ready to place a sign at your streets, which will tell the story of these two Medfield citizens.While their lives were brief, it is our hope that their memory can be long remembered.

In case of severe inclement weather, please call 508-906-3025 to find out our alternative plans.

Andy Thompson recognized for lifetime achievement

Andy Thompson    The Medfield Foundation proudly recognizes Andy Thompson with its 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awards for his almost five decades of work to benefit Medfield.

Most of Andy’s volunteering has been around sports, and primarily youth sports, which came naturally to him where he was a college All American lacrosse player at Penn.

Andy has been a town resident for forty-nine years:

  • for forty-eight of those years he was a  member of the Medfield Physical Fitness Association, which exercised together and raised money for scholarships.
  • for forty-seven of those years he ran the Medfield High School football scoreboard at all home games.

    Andy’s primary volunteering has been sports-related; helping the town youth through coaching and inspiring them to be team players and to learn to love sports.  Not only was he actively involved in youth sports when his children were playing, until recently, he was always on the sideline of any grandchild’s game.  Andy has six children, and he volunteered for their teams as they grew up.  His daughter Barbara noted “when my dad started being involved in youth sports, there was no soccer or lacrosse in town.”

  • Little League Coach for 11 years; President of Little League for 3 years
  • Soccer Coach for 5 years
  • Lacrosse Coach for 5 years
  • Ice Hockey Coach for 9 years

    Andy was also an Assistant Scout Master of Troop 20, Boy Scouts of America, for five years, and he served two terms on Park and Recreation Committee.  He volunteered until recently at The Center at Medfield, was an Executive Board member and many year member of the American Legion, and helped run Medfield Park & Recreation Commission’s children’s activities on Medfield Day.  Andy was a political volunteer in his wife, Ann’s campaigns, and more recently her driver as she served in town government.

Selectman goals & objectives

I am being interviewed on Medfield TV on 6/18 by Jack Peterson and Theresa Knapp of Patch, and Jack asked me to bring along topics to discuss, so I updated the list of goals and objectives I prepared for the Board of Selectmen last September:

2013 Goals and Objectives for the Medfield Town Administrator and the Board of Selectmen

By Osler L. Peterson, Selectman
June 3, 2013

1.    Institutional good governance systems, such as
a.    Thorough planning,
b.    Government transparency, and
c.    Complete reporting to the residents
2.    Have the Board of Advisors (former selectmen) conduct a zero based review of our town government systems to determine whether we are using best practices and have the right systems.  Consider partnering with an educational institution to get interns for this task.
a.    Establish expectations, policies, and procedures for all town boards and departments.
b.    Evaluate staffing levels and positions.
i.    Consider hiring a Finance Director.
3.    Get written five year plans from the Town Administrator and department heads.
4.    Have Town Administrator use annual calendar for the Board of Selectmen.
5.    Hold a Board of Selectmen joint meeting annually with each town board and commission to review our shared purposes and goals.
6.    Report to town on DPW’s road and sidewalk repair plans and funding.
7.    Work with Water and Sewer Commission on its master plan.
8.    Study the possible purchase and/or control of the development of the Medfield State Hospital site
9.    Oversee the process of dealing with the clean up and reuse of the Medfield State Hospital site.
10.    Complete bylaw review, especially for issues related to the Medfield State Hospital site.
11.    Work with planning board for new economic growth; Town’s master plan and downtown zoning.
12.    Work on strategy for maintenance and renovation of all town buildings and a strategy to build a new DPW Garage, Public Safety, and Community Center.
13.    Examine opportunities for additional revenue streams, such as:
a.    Housing can be the “business” of Medfield (e.g. – Old Medfield Square)
b.    Power purchase agreements for PV power
c.    Selling Medfield bottled water
14.    Identify opportunities for regionalization of services, such as:
a.    Dispatch for public safety
b.    Board of Health
15.    Target completion of union negotiations before contracts expire.
16.    Create a three-year financial forecast of the town, working with the Warrant Committee and the School Committee.
17.    Implement succession planning for key municipal positions.
18.    Installation of solar PV arrays on town owned land.
19.    Become a Green Community.
20.    Solve Veterans Service Officer position issues.
21.    Perform an analysis of overtime use.
22.    Maintain town’s fiscal status.
23.    Determine whether our recycling rates can be improved, and our trash costs thereby reduced

Vetrans Day

Good idea from one of my trial lawyer colleagues today -

No links to fancy websites, no jazzy flash players, power point slide shows, or somber music, ….. just stop what you are doing for a single moment today and thank all the veterans going back to the beginning of our country to the present for helping to make it and to keep it what it is for every one of us, and for our children’s children…….

Sam Marble Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Sam Marble this afternoon received his eagle scout award at a Court of Honor held at The Center.  Sam’s eagle scout project was the new patio surrounding the flagpole in front of the Blake Middle School, which will house the Vietnam Veterans plaque.  Sam also headlined the Friday assembly at the Blake Middle School to recognize the Vietnam veterans who came from Medfield and to dedicate the plaque I their honor.

Veterans Day Assembly

Blake Middle School held a truly remarkable assembly this morning to honor all veterans, but especially Vietnam era veterans.  The new Vietnam Veterans Plaque was unveiled at the end- see the photo.

Principal Nat Vaughn presided with just the right touch to keep things moving along and to keep them profoundly emotionally moving at the same time.

About to be Eagle Scout, Sam Marble both lead the pledge of allegiance and also described how he created, permitted, and built the new patio that will eventually house the plaque in front of the school.

Former teacher John Parsons presented the gift of a flag that he had flown in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He was assisted by BMS head custodian and Vietnam vet Bob Kadehjian.  What a wonderful experience for the students to both hear from a former teacher and to see Bob through the lens of a different light.

Frank Iafolla delivered an extremely poignant speech recounting his first hand experiences graduating from MHS in 1967 and going into the Marines during a war that was not popular with many.

The town’s stellar Veterans Service Officer, Ron Griffin, woke up and energized the students with a loud greeting a la Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam.  Ron delivered moving explanations of the names on the plaque, the two 19 year olds who were killed in Vietnam (Stephen Hinkley and Peter Kristof), and the many who have since died.   Ron reminded each class of the other dedications of plaques to veterans of which they have been a part, and he had them literally talking back to him as they recalled each.  He was having a personal conversation with all 700 students in the gym at once.  Ron handled his talk with verve, solemnity, and mastery of the task.  Most importantly, he had those gathered acknowledge and honor the veterans who were present.  There about a dozen Vietnam vets and about two dozen other vets attending.

The final speech was by BMS teacher Deb Manning, who shared the story of her father, an Air Force pilot killed in Vietnam when she was a toddler.  Her account was incredibly moving and heart  wrenching at the same time.

The students and all present were treated to a remarkable event.  We were all reminded that freedom is not free, not without a cost, a cost paid by our veterans, and that we have our veterans to thank for that freedom.
Medfield TV recorded the assembly, and you are encouraged to seek it out.  It was a moving experience.