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Just like at the special town meeting, the Medfield State Hospital purchase legislation passed unanimously in the legislature.  See the email notice below from Representative Shawn Dooley.

7/23/2014 6:06PM
Medfield bill
Dooley, Shawn
I’m sure you heard: Passed unanimously now on way to Governor for his signature.

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Where in Medfield?

I have been biking instead of running since I hurt my leg, so I cover much more ground and see more interesting things. 

So I am starting a new series to see if people recognize the places.  This first one appears to be the foreign car storage area.  That blue and white one is an Audi.

New town service?

Island at Harding and Hospital this morning.  Are the college kids back for the summer yet?
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Odyssey House field

Post-demolition view of the site of the former Odyssey House at the MSH today.  DCAMM went back and forth over whether it would do the demolition or not, and eventually agreed to do so as part of the mediation of the environmental clean up. 

I was impressed that DCAMM required the contractor to bring in loam, which means it will soon be a field.

Swap Saturday

The swap area is highly organized this year, and pictured are stalwart volunteers, from the left, Mike Clancy, Leslie Colella, Mary Pat McSharry, and Nancy Irwin.

Nancy reports that volunteer assistance is needed, especially from 9-10 and 2-3:30.  There is also the need for some young person who might be willing to deliver large items and help the recipients move the large items into homes.  Could be a summer job opportunity, like a Medfield Uber type delivery service.

I found two really nice "Pete" hats at the swap (really Pittsburgh Pirates, I think), but put them down to help with something and never saw them again.

Dover cell tower postponement

I received the the following email notice of the postponement from 6/30/14 to 8/4/14 of the site visit and continued hearing on the proposed cell tower in Dover, with its access off Evergreen Way, from the Dover ZBA Chair.

Additionally, it had been reported that the Dover School Committee is issuing an RFP seeking the location of a cell tower on its property.

I have suggested that Medfield should also examine issuing an RFP for location of cell antennae on our proposed water tower at the MSH site, so that Medfield can benefit from any tower rental revenue that may be available.  David Maxon whose business is such things, informs me that a temporary cell tower installation on the back of a truck makes it possible to provide the cell tower services until our water tower is constructed.



At the request of the Applicant(SEE ATTACHED), the Site Walk, which had been rescheduled to June 30,2014, at 6:00PM at the entrance to the property adjacent to 24 Evergreen Street in Medfield, and the adjourned Hearing, which had been rescheduled to June 30,2014, at 6:00PM at the Dover Town House, ARE BEING RESCHEDULED AGAIN.


The  new Site Walk and Hearing dates, places and times are :


(a) Monday, August 4, 2014, at 6:00PM, at the entrance to the property adjacent to 24 Evergreen Street in Medfield for the Site Walk; and


(b) Monday, August 4, 2014, at 7:00 PM, at the Dover Town House for the adjourned Hearing.


Notice of the revised schedule will be posted at Dover Town House and on the Dover Town Webpage and at the entrance to the lower hearing room at the Dover Town House where the original hearing was opened.


Site Walk – Monday August 4, 2014, at 6:00PM, at the entrance to the property adjacent to 24 Evergreen Street in Medfield; and


Adjourned Hearing – Monday August 4, 2014, 2014, at 7:00 PM, at the Dover Town House.



Gary P. Lilienthal
Bernkopf Goodman LLP

New Life’s summer hours

From Susan Maritan -

New Life Seeking Donations of Bed Frames and
Household Items for Families in Need

Walpole/Medfield, MA – June 21, 2014: New Life Home Refurnishing, a non-profit organization that accepts donations of gently used furniture and household items for individuals and families in need, is asking the public for help. They are especially in need of household appliances such as toasters, coffee makers and small microwave ovens, twin, full and queen bed frames, as well as gently used mattresses and box springs with no stains, tears or visible marks.

New Life HR will begin summer hours on alternating Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30 PM starting June 25th and will continue on the following evenings: July 9, July 23, August 6, and August 20. They will resume Saturday morning operations starting Sept. 6. Donated items can be brought to the New Life HR warehouse at 102 Elm Street, next to the railroad tracks in Walpole, during the Wednesday evening hours only. Alternatively, a pickup can be arranged during the same time frame. (A voluntary donation is appreciated for pickups.)

Historical Society

Still time to see the really interesting old maps and relics this morning.  Every Saturday morning.

On the 1888 map, Harding St. was Railroad Street and Hospital Road was Canal Street, later to become Asylum Road.

Clark Tavern appealed

Clark Tavern owner, Ms Linnert,  shared with me this evening that their ZBA approval to convert the former residence into a tavern has been appealed.  Generally, such appeals can delay the permit for about a year., until the court can conduct a trial.  The appeal rights are to either the Superior Court or the Land Court at the person’s option.

New officers at Legion

Last night the new officers were installed at the Legion.  I learned that the Legion long term will be in for big changes, as Commander Ron Griffin, who is also the town’s Veteran"s Officer, related that there are more WWII vets in town than vets under 50.  The Legion’s future therefore per force must be the Ancillary and the Sons of the Legion, as the number the vets declines.