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Emailed report card

Kudos to Medfield High School for emailing the report cards.  Great way for them to get us the information.

School enrollment decline

From the DOE via the Boston Business Journal, via Charlie Glew -

School District    Medfield
Enrollment, 2013-2014    2,674

Enrollment, 2008-2009    3,004
5-year enrollment change    -11%

Enrollment, 2003-2004    3,047
10-year enrollment change    -12%

Enrollment, 1993-1994    2,116
20-year enrollment change    26%

MSBA pays 40% of Wheelock boiler

The Superintendent, his management team, and the School Committee got the Mass School Building Authority (MSBA) to pay for 40% of the needed new boiler at Wheelock School.  Congratulations and thank you to them!  This was the email this afternoon from Jeff -


Dear Pete,

I wanted to let you know that I have just returned from the Mass School Building Authority (MSBA) board meeting in Boston and they voted to approve our boiler replacement project for the Wheelock School. This project will replace the 45 year old boilers currently in use at the Wheelock School.  As you may remember, I went before the Board of Selectmen in February to ask for your support to apply for this grant program. The School Committee also voted to support this project on January 27,2014. This is an exciting opportunity for us as the MSBA will reimburse the Town of Medfield 40% of the project cost; saving the citizens of Medfield thousands of dollars in capital costs. MSBA will be sending along a project timeline that will outline key dates for the project, including when funds need to be allocated. In addition, the School Committee and I did not submit an application for a new Dale St. School during this round of grants as we believed it would negatively impact the other building project priorities in town. Lastly, I think its important for the Selectmen and you to know that Mike Sullivan was a great help during the Statement of Interest (SOI) process and gave the application his full support.
On behalf of the School Committee, the students and staff of Medfield, I want to thank the entire Board of Selectmen for their continued support.

Jeffrey J. Marsden, Ed.D

Medfield Public Schools

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MCPE partners with Green & Clear Cleaners

This from Susan Maritan for the MCPE -

MCPE and Green & Clear Cleaners Partner Up to Help Medfield Schools

Medfield Coalition for Public Education is pleased to announce a partnership with Green & Clear Cleaners to raise money for the Medfield Public Schools. It’s very easy for the public to get involved. Here’s how the program works: mention MCPE and get 10% off your personal cleaning order for that visit. For every subsequent visit, Green & Clear Cleaners will donate 10% of the total order to MCPE! Please note, business shirts, specialty items and alterations are not included in the 10% donation.

This is a great opportunity for people to be eco-friendly AND help the Medfield public schools at the same time.

Green & Clear Cleaners is located at 258 Main Street in Medfield in the Donut Express Plaza.


This from John Nunnari, Medfield’s eyes on the state legislature -

COALITION SEES OPENING FOR SCHOOL FUNDING REVIEW PANEL: The House this year agreed in its budget to establish a commission to examine the allocation of education aid from the state, which supplements local property tax revenues to provide the basis of K-12 education financing.  The decision has raised the hopes of local officials who claim a review of the state’s Chapter 70 formula is long overdue since its current roots date back to the 1993 education reform law and much has changed since then.   “The equity of the formula and the ability of a non-expert to understand it have often been called into question,” the Suburban Coalition, a statewide group of local elected officials that advocates on education issues, wrote in an email circulated Tuesday morning.    Coalition vice president Dorothy Presser said the Senate has several times voted to establish a Foundation Budget Review Commission but the House has never agreed to it, until this year.   Ahead of Wednesday’s launch of Senate budget deliberations, coalition officials are urging senators to support a commission amendment sponsored by Education Committee Co-chair Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz of Jamaica Plain.  “A formula that accurately reflects the cost of education and that is equitable and understandable would be a great step forward for our communities,” Presser wrote in her email.    The Chang-Diaz amendment has 21 cosponsors so its passage appears assured.  Under her plan, the Education Committee co-chairs would co-chair the commission, which would also include top state education officials and others, and the panel would be charged with making recommendations and a final report by June 15, 2015


John Nunnari, Assoc AIA
Executive Director, AIA MA

MHS Jazz Band – listen live Sat. at 10 AM

From Chris McCue Potts -

The Medfield HS Jazz Band performs in the Essentially Ellington competition at Lincoln Center at 10 a.m., Saturday, May 10, and a live stream of Medfield’s performance (as well as other aspects of the three-day festival) is available. Just click on this link: Medfield is the first to perform Saturday morning, so be sure to tune in just before 10 a.m. The jazz band was just one of 15 selected from across North America to participate in Essentially Ellington.



11 at Tri-County

This emailed information from Mike Sullivan on Medfield students at Tri-County.  Looks like the cost there is roughly similar to Medfield school costs per pupil.

I had a call today from Steve Dockery, Supt of the Tri County School who advised that, as a result of the additional state aid announced by the legislature last week, Medfield’s assessment for fy15 for the Tri-County School will be reduced from $167,032 to $159, 201 or a reduction of $7,831. He also told me that the enrollment from Medfield this year is 11 students up one student from last year. This information was relayed by phone and I have nothing in writing. Mike