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11 at Tri-County

This emailed information from Mike Sullivan on Medfield students at Tri-County.  Looks like the cost there is roughly similar to Medfield school costs per pupil.

I had a call today from Steve Dockery, Supt of the Tri County School who advised that, as a result of the additional state aid announced by the legislature last week, Medfield’s assessment for fy15 for the Tri-County School will be reduced from $167,032 to $159, 201 or a reduction of $7,831. He also told me that the enrollment from Medfield this year is 11 students up one student from last year. This information was relayed by phone and I have nothing in writing. Mike

Reads Across America

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading Olivia (one of my favorite books) to Mrs. Grace’s morning kindergarten class as part of the Reads Across America celebration.  The event date is set around Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and community people are invited in to read to the children.

I did not bring a Cat in the Hat hat, but I did bring in other funny hats (two jester hats, a Christmas tree hat, two different witch’s hats, a 1940′s businessman hat, a straw hat, and a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat).  I let the kids pick the right one to use for my reading.  They picked one of the jester hats, and yes the kids did notice and comment on the fact that there were two jester hats.

Great event!  Nice to be included.

Bob Maguire award

The Medfield Coalition for Public Education “has created this award to honor an educator in the Medfield school community who embodies Bob’s legacy of exposing our students to the world beyond Medfield.”

The Robert C. Maguire Global Perspectives in Education Award


This award will be given to a staff member whose effort embodies Bob’s vision for further developing students’ global understanding and readiness to engage in the expanding global economy. Similar to Bob, the award recipient will be someone who inspires students to look beyond the town of Medfield and learn more about the global community through innovative programs and technologies. This may include initiatives that:

A.  Use innovative technologies to enhance learning, foster collaboration, and develop connections with other people and communities

B.  Increase multicultural awareness and appreciation

C.  Bring multicultural elements into the curriculum

D.  Develop links with schools or organizations in other nations or different ethnic communities within the US


I was told last weekend that Bob is back working, after a short retirement.

Film on MHS

This is a fun 20 minute film about Medfield High School by MHS students -

Schools postpone Dale and seek Wheelock boilers

Jeffery Marsden, Superintendent of Schools, wrote the Board of Selectmen a 2/4/14 letter (copied in below) asking the Board of Selectmen to approve the schools approaching the School Building Authority about replacing the boilers at the Wheelock School this year, instead of continuing to proceed with the previously initiated discussions with SBA about renovation of the Dale Street School.  The schools decided that with the current expenses of the new DPW garage and the imminently prospective public safety bulding, that it made more sense for the town to postpone dealing with the Dale Street School.  From my tour of the Dale Street School it is clear that the dilapidated and antiquated condition of that school needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.  My understanding is that the cost to renovate it is likely more than the cost to build new, so that if the town wants to get SBA reimbursement for what we do, that we will probably have to build new.  There is a previously identified site behind the Wheelock School where another school could be built.  That site was the original suggested site for the Memorial School replacement in 2001 – however, ultimately the decision was made to renovate the existing Memorial School instead.



Office of the Superindendent
459 Main Street _3rd Floor
Medfield, Massachusetts 02052
Jeffrey J. Marsden, Ed.D
(508) 359-2302
February 4,2014

Mr. Mark L. Fisher, Chairman
Board of Selectmen
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052

Dear Mark:

The School Committee and I are asking the Board of Selectmen to support a Statement of Interest (SOl) for the replacement of the Wheelock School boilers. The boilers are over 40 years old and have required significant repairs over the past 3 years. The SOl will be submitted to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) for consideration with the Accelerated Repair Program (ARP). A vote of support by the Board of Selectmen does not commit the Town of Medfield to any allocations of funds; it only allows the superintendent of schools to submit the application. The Medfield School Committee voted to support this submission at their meeting on January 27, 2014.

The Wheelock boiler replacement project is currently a part of our capital plan. If we are chosen through the SOl process, Medfield will receive 39.84% (2014 rate) in reimbursement for the cost of the project. The boilers will need to be replaced in the near future and this program will give Medfield the opportunity to share the costs with the state.

In addition, the School Committee and I have decided to delay the SOl submission for the Dale Street School for at least another year. Given the fmancial implications of the potential land purchases and new public safety building, the timing is not right for the community. Delaying the Dale Street SOl will also give us additional time to study enrollment trends and any impact of new construction on those trends.

We will be notified by MSBA in March or April as to whether our SOl has been accepted or denied. I will keep in contact with Mr. Sullivan as the process moves forward. Thank you for your consideration.


Jeffrey J. Marsden

Superintendent of Schools

No school announcements

Letter emailed from the Superintendent (this year we get a call when there is no school)-

Office of the Superindendent
459 Main Street -3′” Floor
Medfield, Massachusetts 02052

Jeffrey J. Marsden, Ed.D
(508) 359-2302

Dear Parents:

As winter approaches, I want to take this opportunity to communicate our new method of notification when school is closed, delayed, or dismissed early. The Blackboard-Connect Notification System will instantly send a call to each household land line and parent cell phone number currently on file. This call will typically be sent at approximately 5 :30 a.m.

In addition, the announcement will appear on:

• Twitter@JeffreyJMarsden
• Television Chaill1els: Fox 25 (WFXT), 4 (WBZ), 5 (WCVB), and 7 (WHDH)
• Our district website:
• Cable 8

I also want to remind you that there will be times when school is not cancelled, delayed or dismissed early and the weather is still inclement. Those days will feature slower travel for buses and cars, but will not necessarily require a change in the normal schedule. Please remember if you feel it is unsafe for travel, you always have the option to keep your child home.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Jeffrey J. Marsden

Bob Maguire recognition

The dinner to recognize and thank Bob Maguire for his twenty-two years of exemplary service to the Town of Medfield schools was a rollicking good time last night as a myriad of speakers both recounted and roasted Bob for his caring and his successes.  Richard Shapiro started things off with the incredibly humorous history of Bob’s tenure, focusing especially on Bob’s long anguish over whether Richard Shapiro or Richard DeSorgher was the bigger pain in the ass for him.

DC trip on Twitter

Just discovered that the 8th grade trip to DC can be followed on Twitter via either @Nat_Vaughn or #blakeinDC

8th grade trip to DC

Parting words over heard at 6 AM this morning as parents hugged an 8th grade daughter just before she boarded the buses for DC, “be good, no tattoos.”  The parents promised in response.

Talked briefly with a teacher, and learned just how many scheduling adjustments the school has to make to cover the classes for the 19 teachers who chaperone the trip.  Sounds like everyone has to stretch and cooperate to make it work.

On being a selectman

Busy week with lots of time demands -

  • Saturday – excellent 3 hour session put together by Bob McDonald, Chief Operator of the Waste Water Treatment Plant on installing alternative energy around town, including a solar PV array at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • Superintendent finalists – lunch Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with the three finalists.  I was glad that one selectman was able to attend, and that I now have great confidence in the person who will be leading our schools.
  • Energy Committee Tuesday evening to discuss the Saturday Waste Water Treatment Plant program, and future inititives.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) explanation at Medfield High School Wednesday evening.
  • Downtown Study Committee last night to hear about the cost to bury utility lines in the downtown.  Comcast representative estimated the costs at $100,000 – 125,000/1,000′ for Comcast, slightly more for Verizon, and a lot more, $1m./1,000′, for NSTAR.
  • Medfield State Hospital Development Committee last night too, to mainly discuss demolition costs of the buildings, town control of site by purchasing it, and how to respond to DCAM’s letter offering to sell the Medfield State Hospital site to the town on vague terms.  A follow up discussion with DCAM is required to clarify the DCAM terms.   Bill Massaro’s rough estimates to demolish all the building at the Medfield State Hospital were $2.3 m. if done without complying with prevailing wage laws, but $7.3 m. if prevailing wages had to be paid (I.e. – if it were done by the town).