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Sad news

This email from Theresa Knapp just now -


1/29/2014 5:02PM
Patch site
Knapp, Theresa
“Theresa Knapp, Editor” <>

Hi all.

As of 5pm today, this email address will no longer work.  It has been a pleasure covering the Town of Medfield and working with all of you.


AOL sold the whole Patch network this past month, and from the new owner’s press release it seemed ominous, as that new owner indicated that the Patch sites would continue as a place for individuals and municipalities to post materials — but there was no mention of “reporters” being part of the future plans.

I am assuming that Patch has now removed our editor.

Medfield was indeed fortunate to have two fine and hard working journalists create our Patch site, first Jeremie Smith and most recently Theresa Knapp.  We are indebted to them, for both the amount and the depth of the information that they have shared with us.   They have made us more knowledgeable and better for it.

Thank you Theresa for all that you have done for the Town of Medfield!

Rep, Denise Garlick reports 1/30

Medfield State Representative, Denise Garlick, will present her annual “Report to the Community of Medfield” at the Town House on January 30.  She will do a brief review of 2013 and a preview of 2014.

  • 7:00 – 7:30 PM – Reception
  • 7:30 – 8:00 PM – Report
  • 8:00 – 8:s0 PM – Questions and Discussion

All are invited.

Jeremie Smith – from Medfield to Patriots

Jeremie Smith, the first editor, and therefore the creator of the Medfield Patch, left Medfield to become the editor of the Foxborough Patch, and Jeremie has now moved on again, this time to to join the New England Patriots.

Jeremie is now the Corporate Communications Coordinator for the New England Patriots — a position Theresa Knapp, our more recent former Medfield Patch editor, says she believes they created for him a few months ago.  You can follow Jeremie via his blog  Jeremie’s blog.

Jeremie A. Smith’s Blog

“Jeremie Smith, Corporate Communications Coordinator of the New England Patriots, provides an insightful and engaging look into everything local about Patriot Place, Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots.”

Lenders rate your credit by your FB friends

We aren’t “alone” any more, and never will be…..


Choose your Facebook friends wisely; they could help you get approved — or rejected — for a loan.


New home for Medfield nonprofit news

Announcement from Chris McCue -

Blog: GoodWorksMedfield  (
1st Post: A home for Medfield nonprofit news


So here’s what it’s about:  a blog specifically for helping our Medfield non-profit and grassroots groups get the word out about all of their “Good Works”. Our community newspapers & Patch do a super job, but I thought having one online location for just local, non-profit news & events would be very helpful and supplement efforts by our well-established media outlets.

I’d love it if you could help me spread the word around town about the blog – especially among our various community groups. In the next day or two, I’ll be compiling an e-mail list of my own local contacts, but given your positions in town, and/or relationships to many of our beloved Medfield nonprofits, I thought I’d start with you first.

All feedback & suggestions on the blog are welcome too!  I do plan on setting up a Gmail account specifically for the blog so that people can send me info. That’s next on my list.



Get email notices of town meetings

At the town website you can now sign up for emailed notices of town meetings (a copy of the email appears below).  The notices have been working now for a couple of weeks.  I will ask about getting the meeting times and locations added to the notices -

3/19/2013 12:53AM
[Meetingsdaily] (no subject), ,
===========================================================   03.19.2013  Warrant Committee;pid=21359

03.19.2013   Kingsbury Pond Committee;pid=21359

03.19.2013  Permanent Building Committee;pid=21359

03.19.2013  Board of Selectmen

03.19.2013  Historical Commission

It’s working!

The Town House notification of meetings has started to work.  Sign up at the town website to get email notice of town meetings like the one below, on which the links will be live and take you to the Town website notice for that meeting, where the time will be displayed.  It would be good to eventually have the time and meeting location in the email notice  -


3/11/2013 12:53AM
[Meetingsdaily] (no subject), ,

Medfield State Hospital Mediation Committee

Capital Budget Committee

Friday Blizzard

I just finished a conference call arranged by MEMA for municipal officials with the National Weather Service.  The NWS is reporting that there will be a substantial blizzard with 18″ – 24″ of snow expected, starting with light snow Friday morning, with the heavier snow coming Friday afternoon, and the high winds starting in the evening.

They expect at least three hours of blizzard conditions with snow coming down at 2 – 4″ of snow per hour.

They expect high winds from 8 PM Friday to 10 AM Saturday, which will cause wide spread power outages.  Line repairs cannot be started until the winds subside, as bucket trucks cannot operate in high winds.

There could even be thunderstorms, which can cause 5″ – 6″ of snow per hour in spots.

Some computer models see up to 3″ of liquid from this storm, which could result in even more amounts of snow, as the relationship of water to snow is generally about 10 – 1, depending upon the density and wetness of the snow.

Get emails from the town

The town’s website now has lists one can sign onto to get information and notices of meetings.  I made the page’s caption below a link to the town sign up page.  I looked at the archives, and so far there do not appear to have been any emails sent.

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Medfield Press fires the editor

The publisher of the Medfield Press confirmed in a Saturday email that they had fired Brett Rhyne, the editor of the Medfield Press.  This is a truly unfortunate result for the Medfield Press and for the Town of Medfield as Mr. Rhyne had assumed full responsibility for only Medfield this past year, and was doing an excellent job.  He previously had dual editorial responsibility for Westwood too, however, when CNC took away his his reporter, they also had him drop Westwood.

Mr Rhyne had gotten to know the town and its people well, writing factual, timely, and interesting items about our town.  He was the consummate newspaper man, and professional, who had succeeded in making the Medfield Press interesting once again.  Mr. Rhyne was also a refreshing change from the past long string of Medfield Press reporters and editors, most of whom were new college graduates, looking to cut their teeth at the Medfield Press and move on as quickly as possible to a daily paper, just as they had gained the knowledge about Medfield that made them effective reporters.  Mr. Rhyne truly seemed to care about Medfield, and it showed in the Medfield Press that he put out.  Medfield will be poorer for his loss.

First the publisher’s email from Saturday, and then Mr. Rhyne’s from Friday-


11/10/2012  4:25PM
From the publisher of the Medfield Press
“Goodrich, Chuck”


I’m writing in my capacity as publisher of the Medfield Press. It has
come to my attention that you were on the distribution list for an
inappropriate email sent by a former employee of ours. While it would
not be appropriate for me to respond to the contents of the email, I can
assure you that we take the privacy and confidentiality of our readers’
information very seriously. Please accept my apologies for any
inconvenience or offense caused by the inappropriate e-mail and for the breach in protocol.

I also want to assure you that we take our responsibility to the
citizens of Medfield very seriously, and are committed to serving you
well with our newspaper and website as we move forward.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Chuck Goodrich
Medfield Press


11/09/2012  3:07PM
Medfield Press editor needs your help
Rhyne, Brett
Brett M. Rhyne
Dear all,

I write to you today because I need your help. Yesterday, my editor-in-chief, Richard Lodge, suspended me as editor of the Medfield Press, most probably in advance of firing me. His rationale: the endorsement editorial I ran in last week’s paper. He took issue with (a) my endorsing someone for president; and (b) my placing the piece on page one.

My response: (a) Yes, all the editors at GateHouse were told not to make any presidential endorsements; I simply forgot. An accident.

(b) I felt the upcoming election was the biggest story of the week, and that readers were interesting in hearing the paper’s position. It’s not as if readers hadn’t already gotten a lot of information about the congressional and state senate races – including from a debate at Medfield High between Jim Timilty and Jeff Bailey sponsored by the paper – as well as the ballot questions, especially about the medical marijuana issue.

The editorial wasn’t libelous, nor did it hurt anyone. I justify running it on page one as it being the responsibility of a community newspaper to offer its opinion on highly significant issues. It was clearly marked EDITORIAL, and people could choose to read it or not.

I don’t believe either of my editor-in-chief’s concerns is sufficient cause for my dismissal.

So I ask you, members of the Medfield community, to please contact Richard Lodge and voice your opinion on the matter. He can reached at and (508) 626-3871. Publisher Chuck Goodrich can be reached at

If you decide to contact him, you might mention how the paper has improved since I took over in September 2011, and how my presence has given it a stability that it had been lacking.

You might mention how the paper now delivers real news about the issues and events of importance and interest to the community; how responsive it is to ideas brought forth by the community; and how proactive it is in reaching out to community groups, organizations and town government.

In other words, you might describe your experience interacting with the paper since I’ve become editor.

It may also be worth noting how the Medfield Press and distinguishes itself in the town’s crowded media environment, and how it stands toe-to-toe with Patch, its online competition, and Hometown Weekly, its print competition.

I’ve made no secret about how much I enjoy covering Medfield, its people and its stories. I’m very proud of my work at the Medfield Press. All I ask is the opportunity to continue doing good work here, by continuing to serve as editor of the Medfield Press.

Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks for your time and your efforts on my behalf. I hope to be in touch with you all soon, in the course of my regular duties.

Take care,

Editor-in-chief Richard Lodge can be reached at and  (508) 626-3871.

Publisher Chuck Goodrich can be reached at

I can be reached at and (617) 818-5871.