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Cultural Council 6 PM tonight at Zullo

Medfield Cultural Council grant awards this evening at 6 PM at the Zullo Gallery.

See and hear from the grant recipients, see the Zullo’s exhibit, see and listen to real live politicians, and take part in the first First Thursday of 2014.

For details click here.

Pocket park name

This press release from the Pocket Park Committee -

 Park Naming Contest Winner Announced

Medfield, MA: The Steering Committee responsible for the public process to design and name the town owned parcel between Zebra’s and Starbucks is pleased to announce the winning name of Straw Hat Park.

Chair Jean Mineo said the Committee would have been happy with either name. “But Straw Hat Park references a history rich in imagery and materials we hope to incorporate into the park design to connect people to the past in a meaningful and fun way.”

The Straw Hat Park name was overwhelmingly selected by 65% of the voters over Isaac Fiske Park which received 35% of the votes.” Mineo notes, “We were thrilled that 284 people cast a vote in the second round, indicating strong interest in the park and the process. Our sincere thanks to everyone who took time to read about the history of the park area and vote.”

Voting was conducted through an on-line survey and promoted in the press, social media, an email campaign, and in blogs through town leadership. In the first round, voters were asked to select a name or write in a suggestion of their own. The Committee launched a second round of voting for the two most popular names as a result. The Straw Hat Park name will appear as part of the Warrant Article for approval by residents at Town Meeting on April 28, 2014.

In addition to the naming contest, the Steering Committee has been working to develop a preliminary budget for the park and expects to complete the design concept this summer and begin work and plantings later this fall. For more information, contact


This from Jean Mineo -
Deadline: Thursday Jan. 23, 2014 at 5 pm
The Town of Medfield owns a small 5,352 square foot parcel of land between Zebra’s and Starbuck’s that has affectionately been called the Pocket Park for lack of an official name. The Pocket Park Steering Committee was appointed in Oct. 2013 to initiate a public planning process to both propose a design for the park and establish its name.
Naming Contest
Medfield residents are invited to vote on, or propose, a name for the Pocket Park by completing an on-line survey here:
History of the site is included in the short survey.
As an added incentive, Woodland Theater has generously donated two tickets to a Jan. 24 – 26 performance of Spelling Bee, one of Broadway’s most buzzed about Tony award winning musicals. The winner for the tickets will be selected at random from among all entries. The performance takes place in the Lowell Mason Theatre at the Medfield High School and additional tickets may be purchased at
The Pocket Park Steering Committee will select the name from among the entries and forward for approval at Town Meeting. Thank you for participating in this exciting opportunity to name our Pocket Park!
For questions or more information, please email

Brothers Marketplace signs

Roche Bros. circulated the attached plan of the proposed signs for their new market, which they are calling “Brothers Marketplace.”  The facades and the signs look really nice to me.

Medfield’s new downtown dog

Jean Mineo explains Medfield’s new downtown dog (I personally think the choices for the first Art Box were brilliant)-

Jean Mineo also commented on her J.A.S. Monks Art Box album.
Jean wrote: “At an unknown date, Jack became the faithful canine companion of then 23 year-old Dr. Arthur Mitchell who arrived in Medfield in 1887 and served as the town’s beloved doctor for the next 47 years. During a storm of epic proportions (perhaps the one from October 12-15, 1895), the young doctor fell into floodwaters of what is assumed now to be the Charles River. Caught under the rapids, with his lungs filling with water, Dr. Mitchell glimpsed his ever-faithful dog Jack who had offered himself as a canine life-jacket. With his life in the balance, all Arthur remembered was holding onto Jack for dear life as they paddled for refuge. Reaching the river bank, Arthur grabbed onto tree branches and pulled himself to safety with Jack still by his side. Dr. Mitchell never forgot his own near drowning, or the fact that Jack saved him. For this memory and honor, Mitchell commissioned Medfield artist John Austin Sands Monks to paint a portrait of Jack which later hung in the doctor’s office. It appears that the portrait was painted sometime between the 1895 storm and Jack’s death in August 1899. After Dr. Mitchell’s death in 1934, his will stipulated that the painting become property of his housekeeper, Mrs. Mary Carver Haskell. She later donated it to the Medfield Historical Society before her death in 1951. Both the good doctor and his faithful dog were buried side by side in Temple, Maine’s Mitchell Cemetery. The other images on this Art Box are 1) the 1888 Monks Block (across the street) which the artist and his wife Olive built on property owned by her parents, Orson and Olive Wales (Thayer) Young, and 2) an etching of sheep for which John Austin Sands Monks became America’s painter par excellence. This Art Box was sponsored by M.E.M.O., the Medfield Employers and Merchants Organization. The Art Boxes are a program of the Medfield Cultural District and the remaining five will be installed in the spring, each telling a different story of Medfield’s cultural history.”
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Masters Touch closing store

Notice below from Master Touch today that they are moving to Holliston effective 2/1/14, and that their Medfield store will only be open by appointment starting next week, thus opening a key retail location.

Exciting News from Masters Touch! 
After ten wonderful years at our Designer Showroom in Medfield, we are excited to announce we are moving to a new location that will better accommodate our thriving business!

Our new address will be 24 Water Street in Holliston.

Our mailing post office box will remain the same.

Thanksgiving and Winter Hours

Masters Touch will be closed from 10 AM Wednesday, November 27th through Sunday, December 1st.  

Our Medfield office will be open by appointment only during December and January. 

 Our new Design Studio in Holliston should be open on February 1, 2014.

Santa photo op at Dwight-Derby House

From the Medfield Cultural District -

Dear Medfield Cultural District Steering Committee and Friends,

In the spirit of keeping everyone informed about upcoming cultural events, I wanted to let you know about Santa’s special appearance at the Dwight-Derby House to continue Medfield’s traditional annual “Free Santa Photo Op.”  He will arrive on Friday, December 6 immediately following MEMO’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and will leave for the North Pole at 9:30 pm. In conjunction with his visit The Dwight-Derby House Shoppe will be open on Friday, December 6, from 7pm to 9:30pm. It will also be open on Saturday, December 7, from 10 am to 3 pm.


I will be posting the event on the Medfield Cultural Council Events Calendar. Attached is an event flyer as a PDF and a jpg (for posting on Facebook). The press release  copy appears below and is attached.  We are hopeful that you will circulate the flyer and/or the press release to your various constituencies. Please contact Cheryl O’Malley with any questions.


Thanks very much. We hope to see you there!


Best regards,

Jo Ellen



Jo Ellen Collins



Press Release


Contact Information:

Cheryl O’Malley, President

Friends of the Dwight-Derby House

(508) 359-7264


Santa Claus is Coming To… The Dwight-Derby House for Free Photos



Medfield, MA – Yes, it’s true! Santa is making a special appearance at the Dwight-Derby House to continue Medfield’s traditional annual “Free Santa Photo Op.” He will arrive immediately following MEMO’s Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony in Baxter Park at 6:30 pm on Friday, December 6, which officially kicks off the holiday season in Medfield.


Santa will be available until 9:30 pm after which he will be heading back to the North Pole. Medfield photographer, Colleen Sullivan, will be taking the photos, so they will be of utmost professional quality—perfect for reproduction and gift giving. And she will email them to you—what could be easier? More good news?  When you arrive you will receive a number so you can browse and shop at the Dwight-Derby House Holiday Shoppe while you wait. No more standing in line.


The Holiday Shoppe, filled with fresh new merchandise and seasonal decorative items, will be open on Friday, December, 6, from 7 pm to 9:30 pm and Saturday, December 7, from 10 am to 3 pm. Handcrafted jewelry by Susan Gerow and Cheryl O’Malley will be available. Ribbon yarn scarfs and shawls by Susan McCarthy are back by popular demand. We have many new items created by Colleen Sullivan who has integrated her artistic photography into her designs. Do you have a bird lover in your family? We have the perfect gift for them—a handcrafted replica of their house transformed into a birdhouse. Come see it all. We have gift items for everyone on your holiday list.

Shop the treasure trove of delightful and creative gift items produced in our own community at prices that are sure to please. Bring a friend! We’re located at 7 Frairy Street in Medfield right behind Meeting House Pond.

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Not only will your purchase delight someone special, but you will be supporting local artisans and the ongoing maintenance, preservation and development of the historic Dwight-Derby House.

Sign on Main Street for Park Street businesses

Tracy Buckley of Medfield Yoga Studio at 28 Park Street raised with me this morning the need for a sign on Main Street that tells the Rte 109 traffic that there is a business district down Park Street.

She was preaching to the choir, as I have been saying for several years that we need to do something of that sort to promote the businesses on Park Street.  In the past the idea got waylaid and stalled because there is no town owned land on which to put the sign, and most recently the zoning issue with respect to off premises signs was raised.

Today I suggest that the town has the right to erect a directional sign, akin to a street sign, and that we should proceed to do so to give those Park Street businesses both greater visibility and viability.

We already have similar signs along Main Street for the Episcopal Church and the Roberts Mitchell Funeral Home.

Visions and Voices: Community Art Project

From Jean Mineo of the Cultural District -

Visions and Voices: Community Art Project

Pocket park between Zebra’s (21 North Street, Medfield) and Starbucks

(Medfield, MA): The Medfield Cultural District Committee is pleased to announce the second and final installation of the community art project Visions and Voices in the pocket park between Zebra’s and Starbucks.

During Medfield Day, a chalkboard kiosk was set up in the park for visitors to write their ideas for the park. Medfield photographer Connie Thomson took portraits of visitors which were then printed poster sized. These paper portraits are now temporarily installed along the sidewalk through the park to further capture public interest in this public space. The posters are adhered with a natural wheat paste and the paper will be completely removed within a few weeks; the duration is weather dependent.

Project Coordinator Jean Mineo says, “this project provided a way for people to reflect on their community and share their ideas publicly. Over 150 comments were left on the chalkboards during the two weeks they were in the park.” The portraits are part of the global on-line art project Inside Out, a creation of the artist JR, recipient of the 2011 TED prize.

Medfield Selectmen are appointing a Steering Committee to manage a public planning process over the winter. Anyone interested in participating in planning workshops can contact Jean Mineo at or 508-242-9991 for more information.

Visions and Voices is supported in part by donations from Will’s Hardware and Photographs by Connie Thomson.

For More Information:

Contact: Jean Mineo



Marijuana dispensary downtown

A group is looking to site a marijuana dispensary in the downtown, at the former Strata Bank site.  The annual town meeting (ATM) last year only zoned the Industrial Extensive (IE) areas of town for such marijuana dispensaries.  The IE districts are all located around the intersection of Rte 27 and West Street (NB – I originally mistakenly put in the intersection of Rtes 109 & 27 – sorry).

Medical marijuana was a topic covered at the Massachusetts Municipal Association fall meeting for selectmen that I attended last Saturday.  In the status update remarks by the MMA’s executive director, Geoff Beckwith, he said that – -

  1. the Massachusetts Municipal Association was instrumental in getting the Board of Selectmen  instead of the Board of Health to be the responsible municipal entity who would weigh in on proposed locations to the state Department of Public Health, and
  2. the Board of Selectmen support and/or non-opposition is an important enough factor to the state Department of Public Health, so the Board of Selectmen can use that support and/or non-opposition to achieve concessions from the proponents.
  3. the Massachusetts Municipal Association has a point person we can contact for assistance on dealing with with marijuana dispensaries.