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Art box update

This on the spot update from Jean Mineo about public art day in Medfield -

Finished the Shaw’s box, halfway done with Straw Hat Factory box by Brothers…going well!

The art boxes are coming! The art boxes are coming!

This email from Jean Mineo -

Art boxes installation Mon. 8/11 and Tues. 8/12

Hello everyone,



An update: I have the art box prints in hand, and they are gorgeous!

Our designer Franklin Marval of will begin installation on Monday at 8 am at Shaw’s (featuring Rocky Woods circa 1960s, sponsored by Petrina Floody, Realtor) and proceed to the box near Brothers (Straw Hat Factory done in collaboration with Montrose School). It’s likely he’ll get to a third – perhaps the one at on 27 at the South St. extension (featuring Hannah Adams, sponsored by Park Street Books). The remaining boxes at 27 and Dale (featuring Lowell Mason, sponsored by APC Pest and Termite Control, Inc.) and at CVS (featuring George Inness, sponsored anonymously) will be installed beginning Tuesday morning.
SO excited -


Ideas from my office hours

It was a full and busy morning earlier today for my regular first Friday of the month selectman office hours at The Center (9-10 AM).

The suggestions I heard about, gathered, and/or the issues discussed with residents included:

  1. Parking is now officially a problem in the downtown
    1. I related that the Town Planner, Sarah Raposa, is currently conducting a study of the parking to come up with suggestions as to what might be done
    2. One excellent suggestion from Tony Centore, to resolve it some, was for the Medfield Memorial Library to have return boxes at remote sites, such as at The Center and/or the schools, so residents do not need to park downtown to return library books.
    3. Mike Sullivan has suggested adding a second level to the municipal lot across Jane’s Avenue from the Town House.  The problem is that will be expensive.
    4. Some have suggested that new uses in the downtown that do not have enough parking (such as the new building just permitted to Dave MacCready, where Wills once was) should pay a parking fee to get permitted, and the monies could then be used to provide the parking.
    5. Meters would prevent employees from parking is spaces all day long, but no one wants to have meters.
    6. It was suggested that the Medfield Historical Society should move into the Medfield Memorial Library, and all its holdings should be digitized. The current Medfield Historical Society could then be torn down to provide more parking.
  2. Lot 3 off Ice House Road.  Concern was expressed over uses of that land that would generate high amounts of traffic past The Center.  It was noted that the traffic to the Kingsbury Club already goes too fast in that area.  A preference was expressed for housing, especially housing for older residents, where it adjoins the existing senior center at The Center.
  3. Universal acclaim for the new Brothers Marketplace.

Art Boxes mushrooming

This from Jean Mineo on behalf of the Cultural Alliance of Medfield concerning its installation of Art Boxes downtown -


I’m very excited to let you know that our designer, Franklin Marval will continue the installation of three art boxes this Monday, Aug. 4. These will be similar to the one installed in front of Bank of America on Rte. 109.
He will work on the boxes on Rte. 27 – at South Street (featuring Hannah Adams), at CVS (featuring George Inness), and at Dale Street (featuring Lowell Mason). He plans to begin at 8 am at the South Street box and each one should take about 2 hours (weather permitting
We then anticipate one more day in the next week or so to install along Rte. 109 at South Street (across from Brothers Marketplace) and at the light at Shaws. I will update you when we have the schedule for that.
Thank you,


Mural on side of Brothers Marketplace

This is what the mural on the side of the Brothers Marketplace is going to look like, per the plans submitted to the town, that are displayed on an easel just inside the front door of the Town House.  The photo and the intelligence to take the photo are both courtesy of much missed former Medfield Patch editor, par extraordinaire, Theresa Knapp.

photo of mural

Brothers Marketplace to open 7/30

The new Brothers Marketplace will open July 30, per a press release from them.  I was told by Rob Gregg this morning that the mural on the South Street wall is going to be of a photograph of the Lord’s store from 50-60 years ago with diagonally parked cars.  However, Mike Sullivan told me last week the mural would be of The Emperor Onion Store.  Maybe if the photo is old enough it was The Emperor Onion store – i do not know my Medfield history ell enough to know.

Medfield was originally the first of this new store design for Roche Bros., but the press release says we are their second, so one other one got build out faster.

Brothers opening by 7/31

Mike Sullivan reported at the Board of Selectmen meeting last night that the new Brothers Marketplace will open by July 31.  Mike also stated that the selectmen can tour the completed DPW garage on August 9.