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Jazz at Dwight-Derby House tonight

This from the Cheryl O’Malley -

Hi everyone,


Don’t miss tonight’s October Festival at the Dwight-Derby House from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. You will experience the best Medfield has to offer with music, food,beer and wine tasting in a very historic setting.


Shane Wood, a Medfield resident and well known jazz musician, will bring the best in Jazz to your ears which is brought to you by a grant from the Medfield Cultural Counsel. 


Tim Larkin of Larkin’s Liquiors will tantalize your taste buds with a selection of wines and beer that will be sure to please your taste buds.


Last but not least, there will be an amazing spread of food from Roach Brothers for the Brother’s Market the newest venue in Medfield. The evening will start with wine and cheese, then move to the main course of Beef Stroganoff or Chicken Parmesan and Broccoli & Cauliflower Au Gratin or Thyme Roasted Carrots and finish with European Pastries.


Our store will also be open for your shopping convenience. We have lots of new products for all your gift giving needsd.


Don’t let the rain keep you from enjoy this wonderful evening for only $25 at the door. All proceeds will support the on going maintenance, preservation, restoration and operations of the Dwight-Derby House a significant historic structure of Medfield which is managed by the Friends of the Dwight-Derby House a non-profit organization.


I hope to see you there!


Cheryl O’Malley


Friends of the Dwight-Derby House

P.O. Box 527

7 Frairy Street

Medfield, MA. 02052


Medfield (?) murder mysteries

Medfield resident Neal Sanders has been writing murder mysteries for about ten years that take place in a town he calls Hardington, a place that sounds an awful lot like Medfield.  And by coincidence, Medfield actually has a section of town called Harding.

One of Neal’s first books was Murder for a Worthy Cause, which involves the murder of the town selectman, who, also by coincidence, happens to be an attorney, during the building of a home in town for the Ultimate House Makeover TV show.  Ah, those were golden days for my neighborhood, both when town residents came together to build a new house for the Johnson family on that TV show, and also our end of town became what I joking called a “gated community,” as residents and visitors had to pass through police lines to get to our homes.

Many of Neal’s books deal with one of his other loves, gardening and garden clubs.  Medfield has been fortunate  that Neal and Betty share their gardening knowledge with the town so freely at lectures, and operate the Community Gardens on Plain Street for the town.

See all Neal’s books here

The Pianos Are Coming! The Pianos Are Coming!

Calling all piano players!  This today from cultural instigator Jean Mineo -



An update – the two pianos are due to arrive in the two parks tomorrow afternoon, Friday Sept. 19. I’ll be there for the installations and hope you’ll come check them out and help spread the word inviting people to play. My home and cell phone are below if needed (not for public distribution, please), I’ll be around on Medfield Day to keep an eye on them. Starbucks and Larkins have agreed to help un/cover the piano in the Straw Hat Park daily, and the library and Zullo will do the same for the one in the gazebo. I welcome any and all “eyes” on them during their stay, they will be going to new homes at the end of the project during the weekend of Oct. 4 – 5. If you get to enjoy an impromptu performance during lunch or a break, please post phone photos on the Facebook page!

Thanks everyone, for your support on this exciting project!


H 508-242-9991

C 617-877-5158


Pianos In the Parks

(Medfield, MA): The Medfield Cultural Council is pleased to bring two pianos to two parks in the Medfield Cultural District for public play for two weeks beginning Sept. 19. The pianos are located in the Straw Hat Park and under the gazebo. They have been generously donated by two local families and will be covered overnight and in the event of inclement weather. They are available for anyone to play otherwise.


“The idea is based on the wildly popular Play Me I’m Yours project that installed 75 pianos in Boston and Cambridge last year,” says Cultural Council member Jean Mineo. “I was lucky enough to experience several impromptu performances and each one was amazing. This past summer, I heard local musician Tom Duprey playing outside on the Zullo roof deck one afternoon and thought we could do something similar here.” The Council encourages families, friends and others to share their talents either solo or in ensembles in these unusual venues. “Lots of people can play,” said Mineo, “we hope to entice them to play in public a little bit.” The pianos will be available through Oct. 4.
The Council invites everyone to post their photos and share stories and videos of performances on its facebook page: For more information about the Cultural Council, visit


“This program is supported in part by a grant from the Medfield Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.”



On being a selectman

Board of Selectmen Meeting

When the selectmen meeting ended at 9PM on Tuesday evening, I walked over to the Bros. Marketplace, and despite learning that they had just closed (they were all cleaning up), they still let me buy a loaf of bread to make a meal out of.  The friendliness of that gesture, along with the tasty bread, won me over to being a customer.  Just as I find in my law practice, it is all about the customer service.

Medfield State Hospital

Meeting last night of the Negotiating Committee with DCAMM.  Again dinner after 9PM.

Arts Center

Jean Mineo came to my office hours in Straw Hat Park this morning, and laid out her plans to seek some sort of community arts center as part of the Medfield State Hospital site redevelopment.  She noted that the arts center in Maynard is cited by residents in that town as the thing in town of which they are most proud, and that the DeCordova in Lincoln in a signature feature of that town.  This concept got me really excited for the possibilities.

Jean said that she is also looking to identify all artists in town, so that they can start to communicate with one another, and perhaps collaborate in mutually beneficial ways.  If you are a Medfield artist, you should get in touch with Jean.


Housing for those Age 55+

Roberta Lynch, Director of the Council on Aging, came to my office hours at The Center to discuss her desire to build reasonably priced small single floor housing for those age 55 and over, near The Center on Ice House Road’s lot 3 and the Hinkley field land, to take advantage of the synergies that would be available from adjoining The Center.  We also discussed how housing for that age group has been talked about for the Medfield State Hospital site redevelopment, and that the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee member (and housing developer), Ralph Costello, described at our Tuesday selectmen meeting when discussing that sort of housing that one gets to different price points by adjusting the density.  This concept also got me really excited for the possibilities.

A, B, C’s of Cultural District

In the summer of 2103 the A, B, C’s of Medfield Cultural District was circulated, and it is just too much fun not to have it on-line somewhere – I looked at the Cultural district’s website and did not see it there, so I scanned it today.

Click here to see it.

Art box update

This on the spot update from Jean Mineo about public art day in Medfield -

Finished the Shaw’s box, halfway done with Straw Hat Factory box by Brothers…going well!

The art boxes are coming! The art boxes are coming!

This email from Jean Mineo -

Art boxes installation Mon. 8/11 and Tues. 8/12

Hello everyone,



An update: I have the art box prints in hand, and they are gorgeous!

Our designer Franklin Marval of will begin installation on Monday at 8 am at Shaw’s (featuring Rocky Woods circa 1960s, sponsored by Petrina Floody, Realtor) and proceed to the box near Brothers (Straw Hat Factory done in collaboration with Montrose School). It’s likely he’ll get to a third – perhaps the one at on 27 at the South St. extension (featuring Hannah Adams, sponsored by Park Street Books). The remaining boxes at 27 and Dale (featuring Lowell Mason, sponsored by APC Pest and Termite Control, Inc.) and at CVS (featuring George Inness, sponsored anonymously) will be installed beginning Tuesday morning.
SO excited -